Our Purpose

We liberate people from arbitrary and harmful restrictions by creating sex positive, inclusive and joyful platforms for sexual exploration and experimentation.

Our Vision

Our platforms are a nexus for an inclusive, caring and sex positive community that supports each other on their journey towards sexual liberation.

Our Mission

Through the words and actions of our community, we seek to change society’s framing of sex: rejecting sexual stigma and control – and instead grounding in consent and safety.

Our Values

Caring enriches us.
Care is our highest calling. We do so, even when doing so is hard.  Caring for ourselves and caring for others creates better outcomes for everyone.
Spirit > systems.
Our spirit is not defined by any system. Where a system impinges spirit, we seek to change the system - not conform to it.
Joy makes everything better.
Finding joy is its own reward. We show care by seeking out and elevating joy - and we have fun doing it.
Vulnerability is powerful.
Vulnerability is necessary for change. We have the courage to be vulnerable, in the belief that doing so will change the world for the better.

Community is our answer.
Community is care, joy, spirit, and vulnerability. Community creates positive change. Community is how we will envision and build a better world. Community is our answer.

Our Team

Stephen Quaderer

Hi!  I’m Stephen (he/him).  I’m gay.  I’m an entrepreneur.  I’m a NYC-superfan.  I’m a dog-dad. I’m pansexual. I’m terrible at basketball.

I believe the boxes that society puts us in are absurd.  I believe if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we can grow in ways that surprise us.  I believe people > systems.  I believe in the promise of technology (so long as we are clear-eyed about the peril of technology).  I believe we can choose a future grounded in compassion, in equity, in love.  

I hope to find joy in my journey, and help others do the same.  I hope the spaces we collectively create enable us to experiment and grow together.  I hope we choose a future grounded in compassion, in equity, in love.  I hope to look back and be proud of the life I’ve lived, once I’ve lived it.